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Having earned masters degrees in Photography and Art from UMKC and Goddard College, former university art instructor, Jenifer Cady, also known for her fine art photography and portraits, works with some of the finest art appraisers and private collections in the Midwest documenting the works of modern and old world masters. With a unique skill set and a dedicated knowledge of art, Jenifer Cady captures the detail, design, and unique color elements of every piece she photographs.Her appraisal photography has also appeared in American Art Review Magazine and 'Return to the Heartland, Rediscovering George Van Millet,'  a Kansas City Star Books publication. Among her notable clients are UMB, Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, the Nerman Museum, Christies, and Hallmark. 


Art Appraisal


4x6_GV Millet_SelfPortrait1888_BarbLarkin.jpg

George Van Millet, "Self Portrait"

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