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Oh Boy!

And yet it's an all female cast... hehe. Which is another reason why I never get tired of photographing behind the scenes when working with Qikfinger Films and Cinemacracy. This delectable twisted dark comedy film short "Oh Boy!" features an ensemble cast of Kansas City's finest actors, crew, and hair/make-up, and special effects artist.

What I love most about photographing a film production is that I get to experience the collaboration of a whole group of talented, creative, and skillful people. And Oh Boy... There's never a dull moment!

Here's to the actors: Sarah Elizabeth McGuire, Hannah Freeman, Tisha Swart-Entwistle, Laurie Catherine Winkel, and Michael McQuary. To the amazing special effects, hair, makeup artist, Jacki Butler.

To the production crew: Baron M. Redman, Scott Jolley, Thad Tipplett, Mark Van Der Werve, Daniel C. Handley. And of course to the director: Kyle Kelley, and writer/producer: Andrew Pritzker.



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