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What to Wear for a Perfect Headshot

The most challenging part of preparing for a headshot session is trying to figure out what to wear. Although there are no hard and fast rules, there are many factors to consider to ensure you look your best. The best advice: KEEP IT SIMPLE. Here are some tips:

STYLE: Select outfits that emphasize your style, look, and marketability. When in doubt go more conservative with a classic neckline that's flattering. Wearing a V-neck gives length & height to shorter necks. Tank tops can flatter toned arms, however long sleeves work better than short sleeves.

COLORS: In general solids are better than patterns. Solid, muted colors that are flattering to your skin tone and eye color are a good choice. Jewel tones are nice and work well with all skin types; think blue, navy, raspberry or plum colors. Instead of black, consider dark rich brown or deep purple. Consider choosing a lighter colored top or jacket. As we age, lighter colors may be more flattering and fresh. Darker colors near the face draw more attention to wrinkles.

FIT: Fit is as important as color. Ladies, stick with clothing that accentuates your body. Guys, think casual button up, plain t-shit, or sweater. Make sure your clothes are ironed. NO WRINKLES!

HAVE VARIETY: Bring outfits that are easy to change in and out of. Bring options that can be layered over an undershirt such as a cami or jacket. This makes for a quick and easy change anywhere.

ACCESSORIES & MAKEUP: Accessories are fun, but remember the point of a headshot is to accentuate your most engaging feature, your face! So keep jewelry at a minimum. Avoid bulky or costume jewelry, this can date your photos. Makeup should be natural looking -- so no heavy eye makeup.

WHAT NOT TO WEAR FOR YOUR SESSION: Avoid loose or baggy clothing, see-though tops, wrinkled tops, busy prints and bold patterns, big ruffles, and shiny fabrics, jackets that are too small for you, and shirts that are too tight causing your buttons to look as though they might bust loose.

You have plenty of options and there are no absolutes in choosing your wardrobe for headshots. It's better that you wear anything that feels good and looks good on you. Most importantly, be comfortable and feel confident!

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