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Award Winning Real Estate Photography!

I am proud to announce that Forrest Kolb at just announced Jenifer Cady Photography as one of the Best Real Estate Photographers in Kansas City!

It's been my honor to work with top realtors to create images that combine architecture with emotion to display some of the finest homes in the Kansas City area.

As a photographer and lover of light, I'm always noticing how the light moves and changes throughout the day. Light, color, and design are all parts of our home. I love seeing how light dances off things and illuminates other things.

I think when we're tuned in, we all experience special visions of our home. Maybe the way the light sneaks in through the window just when you're waking up and does a little dance with your curtains or window sill. Or when you walk in your front door, and you're welcomed by some of your favorite furniture, or art on the walls, or the texture and colors of a room.

Our homes are more than structures. They hold memories, they beckon us in. They invite us to dine, to stay, to love and live. Real Estate Photography is more than a snapshot, it's about capturing and offering a dream. It's more than a home when I approach the photography, it's an expression of family.

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