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Photographing the Everyday

Ok so the new year is here! Woohoo! But now that the first month is over, I found myself a little stuck creatively, especially on these short wintry days. What to do? I decided to photograph the everyday. I had taken a drawing class last month and was instructed to draw everyday things for about 20 minutes a day. (So much fun!) So being a photographer I decided why not do the same using my camera?

I figured all I needed was a little imagination, photo styling, and my ability to use my camera to capture what I saw as beautiful in everyday life.

One of my rituals lately is preparing flavored water. I love to drink and track the amount of water I intake, and it's always more fun and tasty to create my own zesty concoctions. In addition to the sweet and subtle flavor, the imagery of preparing it also made me happy.

Here is my winter favorite: lemon/cucumber. Other yummy combinations are lemon/lavender; blackberry/sage; cilantro/lime, or any combination that sounds good to you.

All you do is slice the fruit and veggies and put them in a glass pitcher of water and refrigerate. Sprigs of fresh herbs like basil and thyme can be used as well. When it's nice and cold pour the strained water in a glass of ice. Ahhhh, delicious and refreshing! Seriously, you should try it! It's very easy to prepare and you'll be drinking more water and enjoying every sip!

And... it's a win/win for all your senses!

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