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Zombieees! On the Set of ZERO Point

Photographing on the set of "ZERO Point," a 48 hour Horror Film Competition project by Davis DeRock and Chad Crenshaw -- I came aboard as a photographer and ended up being a Zombie!

It was a fun experience being on both sides of the camera. This fast, furious movie gave me the opportunity to capture actors getting into character, the beautiful, dramatic lighting of the set, as well as participate in the drama as a zombie!

A lot of work goes into making a movie...even a 7 minute horror film. My thanks to Davis and Chad and all the cast and crew for making this an experience to remember! I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I did making them!

Becoming a Zombie
Actors in waiting
Zombies wanting in!
Chad and Davis with camera crew
Actors Jennifer Lauren and Chance Armstrong  in action.
Davis reviewing a shot.
Yours truly
Zombies posing.

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