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The Professional Couple

If you missed the memo, the modern Business Head Shot doesn’t need to be stiff. Don’t think of it as a school photo or selfie or something you get at the mall. Your Business Head Shot should be a portrait of confidence and ease, a chance to put your best face forward, to connect and convey who you are.

Michael and Rane Cross are the quintessential professional couple. Having joined forces in the art world to create galleries and original events, they are both uniquely talented and a joy to photograph.

Michael Cross, Manager, Facilities, Security and Visitor Services at The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, a gifted executive with a charming personality, is both detail oriented and efficient. I wanted to create a portrait that projected his professionalism as well as his humanity.

Rane Bo Cross, Director and Artist with Paraplui Productions, is both creative and vibrant, with a sparkling personality and confidence. Warm, eclectic, creative, and engaging is the portrait I wanted to capture.


Rane_Cross portraits-1-5-15_287.jpg

RaneBoCross_BusinessPhoto#2_2015 copy.jpg

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