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Selfies Are Fun But They Don't Mean Business.

Selfies are spontaneous. We love to take them and post them on the web. They're instant fun. So casual. You just hold out your arm and snap away. We all do it. We love them, but are they right for your résumé'? Will a selfie get you a job, into grad school, land a big interview, or help you stand out from the crowd? You need a business head shot.


Your First Meeting Starts With A Photo.

Your business photo can open doors. It's the first thing recruiters want to see. Even the best candidates with top résumés' are judged by their photos. People want to see your face, your style. They want a sense of who you are. Now more than ever you need a professional business portrait that's engaging, warm, and confident.


Don't Let a Selfie Hold You Back.

When it's time to mean business, I'm ready to help. At your home, work, or choice of location, I'll bring my studio to you. I'll help you select wardrobe and colors. I'm happy to do so. Look like a pro. It's easy, affordable, and fun.


Look Your Best. Be Your Best.

Book a Business Head Shot and boost your career. Contact Jenifer Cady Photography at or call (816) 616-7721. It's time to invest in YOU!

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