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Working as set photographer on E.P.G. a Sci-fi short by Qikfinger Films, was a blast! Using both a Canon 6D and iPhone, I was well equipped to capture the behind the scenes action, fun, and energy.

The actors, crew, and Nelson-Atkins staff where we filmed most of the scenes, were amazing. The sets were creatively lit, truly a photographer's dream. I really enjoyed being part of this production. Everyone on location did their part and more. The director, actors, production coordinator, cinematographer and his crew, the sound mixer, makeup artist, and wardrobe designer shined brilliantly. The energy was contagious. I can’t wait to do it again!

Jennifer Seward-DeRock looking fabulous on the set of E.P.G.

Actors Jeffrey Staab and Chad Alan Crenshaw running lines before a shot.

Kip Niven getting into character.

AC Caleb Vetter pulling focus.

Director Andrew Pritzker and Cinematographer Chris Commons prepping a shot with

Chad Alan Crenshaw.

Making him look awesome, Makeup Artist Kara Bond gets Jeffrey Staab into character.

Going handheld on the RED for closeups of Jeffrey Staab and Chad Alan Crenshaw.

Gaffer Cory Vetter, Sound Mixer C.J. Drumeller, Producer Michael Cross, and Chad Alan Crenshaw on lunch break at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art.

C.J. Drumeller leads the way as Cinematograher Chris Commons and Grip Levi Wilkinson pace off a shot with Chad Alan Crenshaw and Jeffrey Staab.

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